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Crisp Telecom Limited


Crisp is well-known for its information security review work and feasibility/expert studies applied to smart ticketing and transaction systems. Crisp is particularly well-known and respected internationally for applying its skills to transport smart card ticketing systems, especially the significant studies carried out for Transport for London (and TranSys) and the Dutch government. Crisp has also carried out studies for Rejsekort in Denmark, NZTA in new Zealand and supplied security expertise to TLS in the Netherlands.

Crisp is also ideally suited for related innovative studies, practical investigations and projects that are often associated with transport system evolution. Crisp has already worked on a range of diverse related tasks including:

  • Performance testing on the Barclays Oyster Card project.

  • Performance testing on the NFC/Oyster demonstrators.

  • Mobile client for the Congestion charge demonstrator (sub -contractor to MNO)

  • M2M mobile network testing (sub-contractor to MNO)

  • TagBuddy secure service discovery travel demonstrators

Note that the Crisp director is a Professor of Information Security (also director of the Smart Card Centre at Royal Holloway), is associated with transport system research and is also an invited member of the ITSO security committee.