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Consultancy: Business and Technical (See M2M trials below!)

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In today’s competitive and fast moving market it is essential that companies can get rapid access to the highest levels of expertise and experience. With “real-world” experience gained from working in senior management positions, including for the largest Mobile Operator in the world, Crisp Telecom offers a wealth of industry insight spanning from technical to Global Product marketing areas. Crisp Telecom provides a wide range of business and technical consultancy services for its clients, including:

  • 2G/3G Systems and Services
  • Establishing Relationships with Mobile Operators
  • Transport/ticketing systems
  • Risk Analysis
  • WLAN
  • Smart Cards
  • RFQ Responses
  • Business Development
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Product Strategy and Development
  • Training
  • Surveys
  • Fraud & Security Reviews
  • Equipment Trials
  • Prototyping
  • RFIDs

New M2M Comparative performance testing of mobile networks and modem equipment.

Crisp is able to perform sophisticated drive tests and comparative surveys on mobile networks, as they affect M2M applications. It is also possible to perform comparative testing of multiple modems on the same or different networks. The test are carried out using the Crisp M2M Workout Station and can be contracted on a project basis or on a day-rate basis. Some sample result extracts are shown below for the trial route shown to the left.