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First and foremost, Crisp ensures the privacy and confidentiality of its clients and their business. The testimonials given below are presented only after proper authorisation from the source parties.

"We asked Crisp to provide information security training for our R&D experts. We were  very  pleased with the content, quality and in-depth expertise of the training and would not hesitate to recommend Crisp services. 'I definitely recommend it' " Jean-Louis Fuccellaro, Managing Director Orange Labs (UK)

"We used Crisp to provide expert consultancy advice and were impressed by the quality of work and the delivered report, and the fact that it was delivered 2 months ahead of schedule." Nissan Technical Centre Europe

"We have sub-contracted a number of projects to Crisp and have been very pleased with the results. Although there are many companies that claim to offer services in this field, Crisp sets itself apart by the quality of expertise, depth of knowledge, flexibility and speed. We would certainly consider using Crisp again." O2 www.o2.com

"I have known Keith Mayes since 1988 and had dealings with Crisp Telecom from 2002 onwards. In my experience Keith has an innovative out-of-the-box mentality to problem solving but with a very structured and business-like approach to delivering projects. Crisp Telecom demonstrates an effective combination of high-calibre technical expertise with business acumen and can deliver high quality work in surprisingly short timescales. I would always consider Crisp Telecom for consultancy project work " Prof. Michael Walker OBE - Director of Vodafone Group R&D www.vodafone.com

"Crisp Telecom offers high standards of expertise and experience in smart cards security and communications. I have found the company to be professional, flexible and easy to work with" Brian Dobson Prestige/Transport for London  www.tfl.gov.uk

"Following a full assessment of our telecoms system and service contracts particularly in relation to internet and mobile service providers, we made changes recommended by Crisp Telecom which has generated both one-off and on-going savings." Head of Practice Harling Menzies www.harlingmenzies.co.uk

"Giesecke & Devrient GB has always found Crisp Telecom to be a professional and expert company in all our telecoms and smart card dealings." - former Sales Director G&D GB Ltd. www.gi-de.com

"Keith features a rare blend of high calibre corporate management and academic experience. I very highly recommend Keith for the technical quality of his work, his ability to innovate and his level of commitment." - Professor David Naccache Universite Paris II www.u-paris2.fr

"For development work we have always worked with Crisp Telecom. They have extensive experience in GSM in general, SIM cards in particular and carrying out development projects, Quantaq has worked with Crisp many times in the past and they have always provided us with the solutions we required." - Quantaq Solutions www.quantaq.com

"Crisp Telecom is a professional and innovative, also capable company! Crisp Telecom always does their best and it has the spirit of responsibility! Crisp Telecom is a commendable and a trustworthy company!" - Chairman of Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom www.aptg.com.tw

"I have had cause to work closely with Crisp Telecom and Keith Mayes. During these engagements I found Crisp to be a well founded organisation and Keith Mayes to be extremely professional and structured individual. He is an industry expert in his chosen expertise and his innovative approach helped us on many occasions." - former Senior Manager Vodafone

"Crisp Telecom's insight into the mobile communications sector is recognised as invaluable when tailoring approaches to key client's in this market. Crisp has also established a reputation for responsiveness, professionalism and confidentiality." - former Head of Telecommunications, Sagem-Orga www.sagem-orga.com

"I have had close contact with Crisp Telecom over a number of years. I consider it to be a professional, expert and trustworthy company and would recommend it for consultancy work in a range of fields including smart cards, security and telecommunications" - Prof. Fred Piper Founder-Director of the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway University of London www.isg.rhul.ac.uk

"Crisp were able to provide us exactly the security expertise we needed, and as quick as we needed it at a crucial time in our project. Their professionalism and breadth of knowledge were a great benefit to the design team." - Senior Manager Samsung

"I have had a long business relationship with Crisp Telecom and Keith Mayes. I consider both to stand for integrity, professionalism, expertise and innovation. I would not hesitate to recommend them." -  President IWICS Inc. www.enhancedwireless.net

"Having worked with Crisp Telecom over the past four years I have found them to be a reliable and trustworthy partner, they have assisted in building my business into a healthy and profitable organisation. I would recommend Crisp Telecom service to any company that is looking for inspiration, innovation and above all quality of service." - CEO INCRON LTD.

"Our experience of working with Crisp Telecom has been excellent. As a result of their practical approach to delivering projects on time, our company will continue working with them in future." - former Managing Director Wireless CNP www.wirelesscnp.com

"Clear advice delivered by real experts...an excellent service overall." former Chief Executive The Britech Foundation Ltd.

"I have had positive dealings with Crisp Telecom via its managing director Keith Mayes. I value his expertise, professionalism, integrity and find him easy to work with." - Sales Manager EMEA Omnikey www.omnikey.com

"Throughout a long professional relationship with Keith and Crisp Telecom, I have always found them to be extremely capable, knowledgeable and helpful. Keith's industry expertise, especially in the fields of GSM and 3G, SIM and security matters are unparalleled. I would not hesitate to call on Crisp Telecom's services, or recommend them to others." Director Edje Consulting Ltd.

"Crisp Telecom was professional, helpful and rigorous." -Anonymous quote from forensics client