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NEW! TagBuddy Solution

TagBuddy is a good example of Crisp's design, development and security expertise. It involved mobile application development on Android and Windows NFC phones, RFID and QR tag programming and the creation of a back-end security server solution.

Many m-Commerce solutions focus on individual services, or how users pay for services, so they miss out on a vital preliminary step; the secure discovery of trusted services. Users of all capabilities need to easily find the services that are relevant to their needs in a way that they can trust. TagBuddy allows tags (RFID or QR codes) to be placed on objects and to be securely accessed via a mobile phone, providing trusted information and service discovery that is context, location, language, user and device aware. The deployed solution consists of tags attached to objects, an application downloaded to the user's smart phone and a back-end server.

Existing tag/mobile solutions have been shown to be vulnerable to modification, misuse and fraud; misdirecting users to adult and gambling sites, to criminal premium rate services, or to fake phishing sites. Even in cases where there is no direct financial or safety risk, there is potential for brand damage, compromised privacy and loss of customer confidence. However, TagBuddy has an effective security solution based on the tags, phone and back-office, which is transparent to the user. Recent project work included:

  • Adding appropriate security capabilities to an existing Crisp, NFC tag marketing solution.
  • Improving the dynamic service selection algorithm.
  • Trials with Transport for London (TfL) and the Royal Holloway (RHUL) Picture Gallery, to get user feedback
    on usage (including multi-lingual, audio/visual) and performance.
  • Adding support for another mobile OS/platform (Win8).
  • Developing the interest of potential customers/business parties via demonstrations and discussions.

All work was successful, on-time/on-budget and there was a very strong pull/endorsement from the usability trials:

  • 91%+ Would recommend TagBuddy to others;
  • 93%+ Found TagBuddy (NFC) very-easy/easy to use
  • 77%+ Found TagBuddy (NFC) very-fast/fast to use;
  • 97%+ Considered TagBuddy enhanced user experience