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NEW! M2M Workout Solutions

The M2M Workout unit was originally designed to facilitate the comparative real-time performance testing of up to four GSM mobile networks and/or associated AT compatible modem equipment. It is based around a flexible scripting language that allows the easy creation of complex testing programmes. Such programmes have been used commercially for vehicle drive trials and modem compliance testing within a laboratory environment. The M2M system is sufficiently flexible that it may be re-configured as an intelligent communications gateway e.g. for automated message handling and distribution or ensuring resilient communication by adaptive use of multiple network links. The product also forms the basis of the tagging and sensor collection solutions.

The product is available in a variety of forms. The ruggedised/trial version of the M2M workout solution is shown in Figure 1.

  • The trials version of the equipment is mounted in a strong and waterproof “Storm” case for protection during transit. The default configuration includes four Cinterion wireless modems (each equipped with mag-mount antennas), a mag-mount GPS unit, a serial/USB hub, a +12V power distribution unit and a laptop that runs the collector (client) version of the M2M software (with one year support). A server licence is also included (with one year support) for the upload of trials data. The case is intended to run “open” on the back seat of a car with the mag-mount antennas for the modems and GPS positioned on the roof. The modems are powered from the Vehicle +12v supply and with the addition of an inverter accessory the laptop is kept charged via the same supply. [M2M0007]

  • A laboratory version is available that includes, the laptop with pre-installed/tested collector software (plus one year support) and the serial/USB hub. [M2M0006]

  • A collector licence-only version is available, including the client software (without any hardware) and one-year support. [M2M0008]

  • A server licence-only version is available, which provides server space for the uploading/storage of trials data onto a database (up to 100MB), and one-year support. [M2M0009]

  • The support periods may be extended.

    • One year collector licence support. [M2M0015]

    • One year server licence support. [M2M0016]

Note: the ordering of software and support services is also taken as client acceptance of the general Crisp Telecom Limited End User Licence Agreement [EULA]. Please read this agreement before placing any order.