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Quick Start Intellectual Rights for Business

An Intellectual Property Right can be an enormously valuable asset. Companies of all sizes generate huge amounts of Intellectual Property but often allow its value to leak away due to lack of awareness, strategy and supporting processes. Worse still is when the asset falls into the hands of more street-wise competitors.

Failing to safeguard Intellectual Property and launching new products without regard to third party infringement is a disaster waiting to happen.

Many Company Directors recognise the importance of Intellectual Property and feel they should take some action, however the demands of day-to-day competitive business mean that they cannot plan and deliver effective measures. This is the reason that CRISP Telecom developed the Quick Start Intellectual Property Programme (QIPP) consisting of:

Company Awareness Presentations

  • Presentations given to general staff to raise awareness
  • Presentation to Senior Management including strategy and budget issues

Development of Tailored Processes, Plans and Guides

  • Protection of own IPR
  • IPR review of proposed new products
  • Dealing with alleged infringement
  • DIY patent searching
  • Incentive scheme
  • Internal communication plan

Additional Services from Crisp

  • Targeted patent searches
  • Regular patent intelligence reports
  • Handling of licensing negotiations
  • Infringement case design-arounds
  • review of new technology - due diligence