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The work of Crisp Telecom is based upon relationships.

In much the same way as in normal life, these relationships are created and prosper when there is mutual respect, trust and benefit for the parties.

In practice Crisp Telecom will favour known partners that it admires and respects or new partners that share similar principles of creativity and integrity, coupled to a desire for realisation and exploitation of new products.

The first step is to establish a relationship framework where each party makes some limited commitment. The framework is intended to have a long life and act as a flexible container for specific tasks that may be easily added by mutual agreement on an ad-hoc basis.

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ENVIRONMENT....Crisp endeavours to conducts its activities in a manner that  has minimal impact on the environment. Small yet positive steps include the use of IT and communications technology to minimise journeys, power-save functions on computer systems, double sided printing and phasing out disposable batteries.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY....Crisp strives to run its business based on the principles of merit and ability e.g. no discrimination for race, religion, gender, or politics. Crisp's expert associates are drawn from over eight countries and several religions.

HEALTH & SAFETY....Crisp promotes awareness of H&S issues to employees, expert associates and sub-contractors. Useful information can be found here on the law and also on basic  first aid. When in doubt on any H&S issue Crisp associates and sub-contractors are advised to consult the Health and Safety Executive website.

LOCAL CHARITY....Crisp Telecom is an active supporter of local charitable events. It is a regular supporter of the Hungerford Round Table Fireworks display and Carnival.